Abisha is an extra ordinary 11 year old . She lost both of her parents during the war . She is being raised by her maternal grandparents and a surviving aunt, has achieved 89th place in her local district for Year 5 scholarship exam. Anyone will agree this is an extraordinary achievement!. She credits her achievements to her grandparents and aunt and the SJC87 Initiative which supported her endeavours through workshops in preparation for the exam. She hopes to become a doctor one day and make her family proud .


The SJC87 initiative also offered her a bicycle so she could make the long and arduous trip to school a lot more easily. Children like Abisha often end up in school completely drenched during the monsoon floods. The principal of the school and the local SJC87 Initiative staff took the bicycle to Abisha and saw the excitement in her face as they presented it to her.


It is our motive to support these children who had been affected by war in small ways so they can make the best of their lives. Abisha is a shining example of what a small offer of support can do.



Dishanth Kajamugan

Like most of the SJC87Initiative scholarship sponsored students, 7 year old Dishanth Kajamugan was introduced to us by his school principal, Mrs. Anandi Sivgnanasuntharam , of Ramanathan College, Chunnakam (Jaffna district) in 2010. Dishanth was of course not your average child - originally from Kilinotchi, he was an orphan. He was displaced to Jaffna after witnessing the death of his father and mother, both in the same year, when Dishanth was only 6 years old. They had died during the worst of the war in 2009 - his mother of fatal injuries as Dishanth's father nursed her on his lap. But soon, his father too would die, hit by an artillery shell.


Dishanth's grandparents took custody of him and relocated to Jaffna soon after . The Principal of Ramanathan College Mrs.A.Sivagnansuntharam where he was enrolled, saw the plight of this young child and introduced him to the SJC87 Initiative. We immediately found sponsors for him. While we are not able to replace his parents, we hoped to give this child the best possible chance in life, within the confines of what we could do. But only time was going to tell if this young child would be able to overcome his terrible circumstances, caused by war.


So on the 26th of March 2013, when the local SJC87 Initiative team made a routine visit to Dishanth at his grandparents' house as part of our continuous assessment, they were in for a pleasant surprise. The ten year old proudly showed off his many trophies to the team, a testament to his sporting prowess. Dishanth is a gifted athlete, winning several places at the district level and school level sports carnivals. He tells the team that he is doing well to make his parents proud of him. We reassured him that they will be, and so is the SJC87 Initiative, of our little champion.


The SJC87 team was impressed by Dishanth's perseverance, the love of his grandparents, the dedication and genuine concern of his school community - the principal, the class teacher Ms. Ranjani (who coordinates sjc87scholarship at Ramanathan college), and Dishanth's sponsor. It truely does take a village to raise a child.


We wish Dishanth well for his year 5 scholarship exams this year, and more success to come his way.


Tharsana Amirthalinkam

Miss Amirthalinkam Tharsana from Uruthirapuram Maha vidyalaya, Killinochchi, Sri Lanka won the first place in the National level Agriculture quiz competition. Despite of hardships and the limited availability of the educational resources, Tharsana won the first place in the Nothern province.


Celestine Sadurshiya

Miss Celestine Sadurshiya from Puthukkudiyirippu shines well to score 175 points in the 5th grade scholarship examination to top the list in Mullaithivu district. Miss Sadurshiya was displaced and was living under constant fear for life taking cover underground in bunkers and later at an IDP camp. Under trying circumstances while the war was going on, staying in bunkers, under tree shades, and under IDP camp lights, Miss Sadurshiya studied her books.


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