SJC87 initiative’s student scholarship program was initiated in October 2009 following the end of the civil war in North and East Sri Lanka.


So far a total of 257 students have benefited from the scholarship program. Eligible students were identified and provided with partial and full scholarships covering accommodation and educational expenses  across

15  schools  in  war  affected areas in Sri Lanka.


SJC87’s dedicated staff and volunteer    team    visit    the nominated schools on a regular basis to meet the sponsored children and class teachers to find better ways to help them. Feedback on the children’s progress  is provided to the  sponsors twice a year.


Some of the key commitments to the sponsors are:


1. Sponsors will get the progress report twice a year

2. SJC87 staff will meet the sponsored child and the class teacher at the school.

3. Sponsors receive a letter from the sponsored children.

4. Arrangements  will  be made  to  meet  the  children through the school principal.


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